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Which is worse, failing or never trying?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that never trying is far, far worse then failing. –
This question really hits on one of my core personal beliefs…and I truly believe SO MANY people miss out on creating and living the very best lives they themselves could envision – because by not trying they never gave that life a chance at becoming reality. And that, in my heartfelt opinion, in one of life’s greatest tragedies. –
Failure is, unfortunately, a required component of living a truly fulfilling, happy, successful, meaningful life. I know that failure is a HUGE fear for most people. And I will put down my “Entrepreneurial Armor” I wear everyday and say it – I know I’m very self-assured and confident, but it doesn’t matter how self-confident you are – the truth is failure is indeed a frightening thought to us all. I’ve put everything on the line several times, and it is quite amazing, the fear of failure, how powerful a deterrent it can be to taking action and pursuing any large-scale ambition or dream in life that’s worth pursuing – be it going after your dream job, starting the business you’ve envisioned for years, pursuing or committing to the one person you love most, etc. etc. And to be extremely honest, depending on how big a risk you’ve taken, and how big the failure…it can be very traumatic when you fail.

But for me what is absolutely terrifying is living a life full of “what if’s” – a life unfulfilled because by fearing failure, I never gave my ambitions, my hopes and my dreams in life even a chance to be my reality.

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