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How to get better at Fitness (in no particular order)

1. Gear up. Get the right shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, wrist wraps, and quality workout clothes.

2. Lift heavy weights regularly. Don’t just stay in comfortable 70% zones. Push your limit, which leads perfectly to #3..

3. Use a spotter and FAIL. If you aren’t missing reps, you aren’t training hard enough. Period.

4. Work mobility A LOT. Before, During, After.

5. Take your training seriously. Always strive to become better.

6. In the same breath Don’t over take your training too seriously. Give yourself a break once in awhile.

7. Train with and learn from others. It’s just better.

8. Show up no matter what. If you aren’t in the mood, here’s what you do. First: Walk to your car and drive to the Gym. Second: Figure the rest out later.

9. Fast before you train. ‘The idea that we “need” to consume calories before, during, or after training, is bullshit hype pushed on us from the bodybuilding and supplement industries.

When you switch your metabolism over to training without food, you will PB more often and feel better in general. And you’ll want to send me a thank you card… you’re welcome

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