Being a massive pile of muscle is not so attractive as it once was.. and now if your under 80kg and in pretty decent shape, most people will just say your skinny 😅..

Lean Bulking is the ideal Adonis condition to be in.. this includes:

📌Competitive Swimmer/Sprinter type physique and condition.
📌Over all full body aesthetics. 📌Proportion and Size.
📌Full rounded muscles.


– Anyone You Deem Successful Is Just Dealing With And Overcoming Obstacles Better Than You – Everything worth achieving in life takes work, desire, dedication and consistency and that doesn’t change no matter who you are. Every journey has endless and relentless obstacles and challenges. Again there’s no differey for anyone. So quit thinking luck and chance are big reasons for success. Luck is just opportunity meeting preparation!!

How to get better at Fitness (in no particular order)

1. Gear up. Get the right shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, wrist wraps, and quality workout clothes.

2. Lift heavy weights regularly. Don’t just stay in comfortable 70% zones. Push your limit, which leads perfectly to #3..

3. Use a spotter and FAIL. If you aren’t missing reps, you aren’t training hard enough. Period.

4. Work mobility A LOT. Before, During, After.

5. Take your training seriously. Always strive to become better.

6. In the same breath Don’t over take your training too seriously. Give yourself a break once in awhile.

7. Train with and learn from others. It’s just better.

8. Show up no matter what. If you aren’t in the mood, here’s what you do. First: Walk to your car and drive to the Gym. Second: Figure the rest out later.

9. Fast before you train. ‘The idea that we “need” to consume calories before, during, or after training, is bullshit hype pushed on us from the bodybuilding and supplement industries.

When you switch your metabolism over to training without food, you will PB more often and feel better in general. And you’ll want to send me a thank you card… you’re welcome

How does better health improve your mindset your life.

Having a healthy mind leads to a better body. Follow these 7 steps⤵
1.Accept yourself. Low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth are dangerously common in today’s society.
2.Eat healthily.
3.Surround yourself with positive people.
4.Do what you love.
5.Express yourself.
6.Embrace the little things.
7.Make every experience a learning experience.
8 steps to keep your brain healthy for life⤵
1. Maintain High Levels of Mental Activity.
2.Stay Healthy.
4.Eat Well.
5.Get Quality Sleep.
6.Think Positive.
7.Build Good Relationships.
8.Quit Smoking. Note, smoking is one of the first steps you can take to improve your brain health..