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The core value of ShapeU is , we are here to help you live your best life. Everyone experiences life differently and everyone has an idea of what there best life looks and feels like, weather it be Financial security, Supporting your Family or simply being in Good Health. ShapeU has created the ideal map to help our clients achieve their best life goals. We believe in LIVE.LOVE.LIFE!

Achieving these fundamental 3 L’S guarantees your experience to a better life and is the turning point to your complete happiness and success.

Durwayne McPherson

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Personal Trainer, Bikini Model, Entrepreneur


AKA Wonder Woman.
Personal Trainer and Bikini Fitness Model.


London born soccer player who received full scholarship to play soccer for one of the top universities in the states. soon to be doctor.


Underwriting Manager




Professional hairdresser. Ex Dancer

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Which is worse, failing or never trying? – There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that never trying is far, far worse then failing.

Eggs are considered to be the best for breakfast due to its high protein content which is extremely good for the body in the morning

Fit Tea Diet for Lean Body Figure

If you are new to CrossFit, you can benefit by joining our Fundamentals programs. This is offered for a three-week session that includes six CrossFit

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I help you organise your lifestyle for your version of success and happiness. For some, success and happiness is found in Financial Security, others is building a Family and for others its improving their Health. Whichever it may be for you, I will teach you how to facilitate and organise what is necessary for you to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Anyone and everyone whom wants to make lifestyle changes and life improvements. Most of my clients are working 9-5 jobs, CEO’S, Independent business owners, in all various fields but want more from life, want to find ways to Mentally, Physically or Emotionally evolve. Some wants a change in career but mental obstacles prevent this, others want to improve their health and wellness to look and feel better but not sure how and others want to find love or relationship but Stress, Anxiety, Low self-confidence are obstacles they need to overcome.

During the session we will discuss your goals, what areas of your life you would like to improve, together we will create a mental blueprint of the lifestyle you see for yourself and together we will set plans in place to help you overcome challenges and obstacles that lies between you and the lifestyle you’ve dreamed for yourself. These challenges and obstacles could be Mental, Physical or Emotional but together we will see you through it. Over the course of our session there will be small tasks and personal goals in place where you will need to take action to overcome certain fears and there obstacles in your path., it’s not just conversation all the time I’m afraid

Each session is generally 30-60 minutes duration. Sessions may start off at 60 minutes depending on the plans we need to set in place, the type of obstacles we are facing. Everybody is different and I accommodate to each individual based on their needs to ensure we reach the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

My clients are both Virtual via (Video calls or Phone calls) as well as face to face sessions in public of private places. I try to keep our sessions relaxed over a coffee or a light lunch, it’s not a therapy session. We are setting you up for an exciting lifestyle transformation each session should be fun and uplifting.

We will do as many sessions as is necessary for you to achieve your dream lifestyle. But I generally aim to make immense lifestyle transformations within 90 days of working with any clients. The amount of session per month will be discussed and decided between so that you are comfortable and align in the best position to get the best results for you.

All that is required of you is to approach our sessions with as much optimism and open mindedness as you can. See our sessions as a life development and progression towards your future success and happiness. Attitude plays a big part in success and happiness alongside this so does patience and gratitude. It is a process that needs to be practised and repeated until we have reached your dream lifestyle.

Individual sessions cost 60 Pounds but majority of my clients are booked in for monthly packages. So you have to option to choose whichever financially works best for you.towards your future success and happiness. Attitude plays a big part in success and happiness alongside this so does patience and gratitude. It is a process that needs to be practised and repeated until we have reached your dream lifestyle.

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