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How am I feeling in this very moment?

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How many times per week am I currently exercising?

If I had to pick 3 body parts I would most like to see progress are?

What is my body goal right now?

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How many times per week can I commit to exercising?

What are my mental obstacles right now?

Am I having enough proper meals per day?

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What are my biggest obstacles blocking me from my progress right now?

How much would it mean to me to achieve these results in the next 90 days?


Its all about taking control of your life, most of us want to be rich and successful, some just want a happy family and happy relationship, some want to feel more safe and secure in their own skin, while others are simply trying to get over mental or physical health obstacles.


Stress is the MAKE or  BREAK factor of all things, getting ahead in life comes with its own level of stress and if you don’t know how to manage it.. your heading for a really rough ride, STRESS essentially leads to LOW SELF CONFIDENCE, OBESITY, ANXIETY,HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART ATTACK, CANCER and that’s just to name a few. I don’t want that for you and i’m 100% sure your loved ones wouldn’t want that for you either.


Shape-U is more than just getting in great physical condition, we are focused on shaping your MIND, ATTITUDE and understanding of what it means to truly be healthy and fit as well as the power that comes along with it. You will learn how to condition your mind, how to set simple to manage, measurable and achievable goals, through easy and adaptable methods that you can implement in your daily lifestyle. Getting ahead in life requires resistance and pressure, be it Financially, Relationship,Self Confidence or just improving you general health.

So I am here to help you manage and redirect that negative stressful energy into a well reinforced positive energy that will become apart of the necessary driving force towards your  Healthier, Wealthier, Longer and Happier life.



Personal Trainer, Bikini Model, Entrepreneur


AKA Wonder Woman.

Personal Trainer and Bikini Fitness Model.


London born soccer player who received full scholarship to play soccer for one of the top universities in the states. soon to be doctor.


Underwriting Manager




Professional hairdresser. Ex Dancer

About Us

Durwayne has been in the Health and fitness industry for over a decade, his passion is Human Biology and Phycology between all this he has combined the two to help and support his followers and his personal clients to go beyond shaping their bodies but to condition their MINDS, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS. Resulting in improved self confidence, overcoming STRESS and ANXIETY, managing DIABETES and over coming OBESITY and that's just to name a few of his ground breaking achievements.
"I aim to achieve the best results from my clients by coaching them in the best means of overcoming, physical and psychological obstacles to meet their targets". People often say that they think of him as a motivation for them, due to his mind & positive concept to life, happiness and success

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Shape-U-Fitness Consulting is here to help and support men and women overcome diabetes, obesity, stress, and low self-confidence. I will challenge and adjust your mindset around fitness, health and wellness. There is no minimum or maximum requirement it purely depends on what your obstacles are and how disciplined you are to overcome them but ideally you can see and feel a world of positive changes in 8 to 16 weeks.
I help calm the overwhelming worries about how to get healthy and fit. I help you put systems in place to build a wellness tribe and to make time for your health. I help you identify the DO’S and DON’T’S in the fitness industry that keep you stuck on the perpetual diet wheel.
By the completion of the program, you will have worked through the mental blocks that keep you from a life of vitality, longevity, and health. I help you implement the tools to stay consistent with exercise and nutrition.

This is NOT a diet and exercise program. AGAIN, this is NOT a diet and exercise program.
The individuals who come to me have tried every “7-day shredded cleanse” program out there. Generally, do these programs work? Hell no! These “quick weight loss” diets, cleanses, exercise plans are plastered all over social media. LET ME BE CLEAR….THEY DON’T WORK.
Ever wondered why these “quick weight loss” plans FAIL? They fail because these plans are filled with LIES about how to build a healthy lifestyle. They fail because they don’t help you conquer your unhealthy MINDSET.
Think all carbs are BAD?
Do you think the ONLY way to lose weight is through hours and hours of cardio?
Do you think exercise has to be BORING and TIME CONSUMING?
ShapeU Fitness works with you to STOP holding onto the lies told by health and wellness “experts.”
How I work with my clients are different because I spent over 10 years studying human nutrition and sports nutrition, working with all types of people and all different backgrounds, Body types, health Conditions, Mental Health Conditions as well as human behavior, one of my biggest keys is that I only work with people who want to work, who is will do practice discipline and want to see RESULTS and transform their lives, all with remarkable success.
I have also been where you are – struggling on and off the diet bandwagon and FAILING every time. I figured out the secret. And now, I want to help you cut through the bullshit so you can reach your health and wellness goals with REAL RESULTS

SAY NO MORE…. I get it. You have lots of responsibilities. How in the world would you fit another “to-do” into your schedule?
Here’s the thing…. there is already a part of you that KNOWS you need to take your health seriously. How about we focus on **that part** of your thoughts – your gut – BEGGING to be heard, and reminding you that ignoring your health is a dangerous game.
I know these things for sure – you want to be alive, active, and healthy for your family. You don’t want to be a health burden to your family in your old age. You want to play with your children without getting tired. You long to see your children grow up. You want long-term vitality so you can dance at your daughter’s wedding. Don’t gamble with your health. Start now.
I’ll show you how to create the space you will need, and I will hold you accountable for follow through. “Not having enough time” is an excuse, Queen. What separates healthy women from women who WANT TO BE healthy are CHOICES. That means learning how to make hard decisions, and learning how to say “no” to others, and YES to yourself.

We will have our first consultation FREE of charge, consider this as a strategy call, I want to get to know you and your challenges, obstacles, goals and ambitions. Based on the information I can put together a personalized and we will schedule in weekly check-ins and consultations to track your progress and make any changes if necessary. This is a month by month service or we can schedule it in bulk of 3 or 6 months.

Most likely, no (sorry!). If you did lose 50 pounds in two months, it’s highly likely that you would gain ALL of it back. But that’s not the point of the program!
I’m helping you change your MINDSET about fitness, health and wellness. Once you implement the tools learned in this program, you will be able to add exercise and nutrition into your life consistently and with LONG-TERM SUCCESS.

ShapeU Fitness is not right for you if:
• You are looking for a fad diet, magic cleanse, or a pill to help you lose weight fast • You are wanting a quick fix • You do not have problems with building a consistently healthy lifestyle • You’re not ready to do the work to make changes in your life
ShapeU Fitness IS right for you if:
• You’re ready to feel confident and energetic again • You want to be the model of health for your family and friends • You want to live a healthy life and decrease the chance of chronic illness
You need accountability and want to work with an expert who is a STRAIGHT SHOOTER